Our services

We develop solutions for the entire spectrum of the brewing industry. Especially however in the areas of private label beer, beer-based mixed drinks production, brewery planning and their operation, as well as the issuing of our own brands Freiherrn Bier und Mertinger Bier.

Learn more about our services and capabilities below.



Private Label Beerproduction

The brands (private label) which have been entrusted to us by our customers, as well as our own traditional brands (Freiherrn Bier und Mertinger Bier), are brewed and bottled exclusively in carefully selected, well-known breweries. Bottom fermented dark or bright Lagers, such as Blackbeer, Pilsner, Bavarian Dark, Bavarian Hell, Export, Märzen, Bock or Doppelbock and top fermented beer specialties such as bright and dark wheat beer, Kölsch, Alt, etc. are on offer from us.

Bottled in disposable or reusable bottles (glass or PET), cans from 0.33 L to 5.0 L (Al or Fe) and disposable or reusable kegs of 30 L or 50 L --- everything is possible!



Brewery planning and operation

Our extensive experience in the field of the planning and operation of breweries throughout the world, from the overseeable brewing house to the large industrial brewery, gives you the possibility to build on a team of experience specialists. Together with you we plan your operations, supervise the installation and commissioning of the brewery and assist you with the beer production.




We are happy to discuss with you the possibility of awarding the licence of one of our brands (Freiherrn Bier, Mertinger Bier) for your existing business in Germany or abroad. The audit of your brewery forms the basis of awarding a licence. Optimisation and adapting of recipes and technical factors is as much a part of our service, as the assistance in the implementation of possible marketing strategies in respect to our licensed brands.



Our own traditional brands

Not only do we assist you in the production of your own brands, but we also have the option of entrusting you with the production, licensing and exclusive distribution, according to your needs, of our own traditional brands (Freiherrn Bier and Mertinger Bier).